Let’s face it, the United States is a large county. In order for people to get around, they need to take some form of transportation to cross the country, or in some cases, cross the length of a state. While some rely on personal vehicles, others take public transportation in the form of planes, trains, or buses. While they take a little longer buses are a popular choice due to lower prices. However, despite the ways bus travel makes our lives easier, it is important to remember that they are still vehicles on the road and as such, can be involved in accidents on the road.

Recent Accidents

May 2016 brought with it the biggest bus accident in Texas in the past few years. Eight people were killed and 44 more were injured when a charter bus on its way to a casino in Texas crashed. The official cause of the crash is due to loss of control by the driver, but there is speculation about whether the rain that morning had anything to do with it. The injure passengers were taken to three local hospitals, including Doctors Hospital in Laredo, Laredo Medical Center, and Dimmit County hospital in Carrizo Springs.

This was the deadliest bus accident in Texas since 2015, when ten people were killed when their bus fell from the road onto a train. That bus was filled with corrections officers and inmates; two officers were killed as well as eight inmates. The cause of the accident that time was the bus striking a piece of guardrail on the highway. After it hit the guardrail, it fell twenty feet onto a Union Pacific freight train.

This July saw another tragic bus accident, this time not located in the state of Texas but involving the Dallas Cowboys. A bus carrying members of the team’s staff was involved in an accident with a van at an intersection in Arizona, while they were on their way to an event in Las Vegas. No members of the staff were hurt beyond minor bumps and bruises, but all four members of the van were killed. The accident occurred when the van was making a left turn at an intersection on U.S. 93 and it collided with the bus. At this point, the identities of the passengers in the van have not been released, other than there were three females and one male.

Need Legal Help?

We are all human, so it is natural for us to think that such an accident could never happen to us. These are few and far between, and oftentimes are due to driver error or a crazy weather incident. Unfortunately, however, these accidents do happen all over the world, and there is a possibility that you or someone you know could be involved in one. If that happens, contact us at Joe A. Gamez Law Firm. Our attorneys are familiar with Texas law and can help you determine what your next steps should be. We can help you through this difficult time.