Summer Weather May Mean More Summer Accidents

Summer means we can enjoy the outdoors more often. While we are all excited for the better weather, summer comes not only with higher temperatures, but also with a higher risk for accidents. People use their grills for cookouts, they light off fireworks, go tubing, water skiing and swim in their pools more frequently. It is important to remember there are risks inherent in these fun activities. More importantly, know what to do if an accident occurs.

Swimming Accidents

While pools are one of the best summer perks, they can be very dangerous. Accidents can happen in mere minutes when water is involved, and drowning is one of the most common ways children are killed. Already in San Antonio this year, 37 children have drowned. The risk is even higher for kids who are under five years old. Due to these high numbers, the city has been helping families better protect their children in the water. Summer is here and the 100 degree plus weather make a perfecting time to go swimming.

The first step is a warning to parents to remember to devote their full attention to their children when they are using the pool. This means not being distracted by other things, such as their cell phones, the television, or guests.  Another good idea is to go right to the source; the children themselves. The San Antonio Parks Foundation, in conjunction with the University Hospital System and Security Service Federal Credit Union, has introduced a program called Let’s Swim SA, which consists of free classes at pools around the city. The classes teach children the basics, like blowing bubbles, floating, and how to act around a pool to help keep them safe. This is especially important; if the kids know to be careful around the water and treat it seriously, the chances they will fool around and get hurt decrease. Swimming accidents are preventable, and programs like this are the key to keeping everyone aware and alert.

Higher Risk of Fires

On the opposite side of the accident spectrum are accidents due to grilling or fireworks. Both of these are very popular during the summer, and can both be very dangerous. Grilling alone can cause up to 9,000 house fires a year. It is important to stay away from wooden structures and to watch your grill carefully while you cook. Fireworks are another story; they are inherently dangerous and even illegal in some states. If you are going to light off fireworks, you need to be particularly careful and be sure to keep them away from kids. If something goes wrong when lighting them, people can suffer severe burns or potentially loss of limbs.

Need Legal Help?

Accidents during the summer can happen in seconds and when you least expect them. If you or someone you know was involved in an accident while participating in one of these summer activities, contact us at The Law Offices of Joe A. Gamez. Our accident & injury lawyers can help you with the applicable laws and determine what your next steps should be.