We all know the dangers of driving. It begins even before we turn 16, when we are told to always make sure to wear our seat belts in the car. Accidents can happen, and we need to be as safe as possible just in case. These lessons continue in Driver’s Ed, when we watch videos showing the dangers of drinking and driving and not paying attention while at the wheel. While we all know that we could get hurt in an accident, we should remember that we aren’t just endangering ourselves; we are putting our passengers at risk as well.

Passenger Injuries in San Antonio

Every time we get in the car with someone else, we are trusting them to keep us safe. Most of the time this is the case, but occasionally something happens that causes an accident. And sometimes, these accidents can cause the death of the passengers in the car. That’s what happened recently in San Antonio.

On Friday, September 30, 2016, a deadly accident occurred at U.S. 281 South and FM 1937. That afternoon, a pickup truck and an 18-wheeler collided. The driver of the 18-wheeler said he saw the pickup swerving into his lane before going back into his own. After he had returned to his own lane, the 18-wheeler went to pass him, and that is when the truck swerved into his lane again, sideswiping the larger truck and causing both of the cars to end up in opposite ditches. The pickup truck overturned, ejecting three of the passengers. Unfortunately, both the driver of the pickup truck, identified as Victoriano Chavarria, and a 12 year old child were killed in the accident. As of the most recent update, the other passengers were taken to University Hospital. The passengers were an infant and another child.

This tragic accident is an extreme example of what can happen to passengers in cars, but it still demonstrates the importance of driving safely. The children in the car were susceptible to whatever the driver did. There are no details yet of what caused the swerves, but this shows the importance of paying attention to the road. A driver with a cell phone in their hands or one turning around to talk to friends may take their eyes off the lane for a few seconds and could end up cutting off other drivers on the road, all while traveling at high speeds. Everyone in the car’s safety matters, so the driver must be alert at all times and not allow himself to become distracted by such things.

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We get in the car with our friends and family so frequently that it is hard to imagine these situations happening to us. Unfortunately, anything is possible, even when you are with someone you trust. You should know your rights as a passenger, and as a driver should be aware of your passengers’ safety at all times. For more information about the next steps after these situations occur,  contact us at Joe A. Gamez Law Firm. Our experienced attorneys can talk you through what to do next.