We all know how common car accidents are, and we frequently see stories about cars rear ending each other, veering off the highway at top speed, or drunk driving accidents claiming the lives of the drivers. But another type of car accident is happening as well, just more under the radar. All too often, cars hit pedestrians, and these accidents are often more deadly. Just think: if you are in a car when hit by another vehicle, you have a layer of metal between you, plus a seat belt to keep you in place. A pedestrian has nothing to block them from impact, and this is why we need to be especially careful.

Accidents in Texas

This summer has been a rough time for pedestrians in Texas. Earlier this month, a pedestrian was killed on a service road for Interstate 30. His name has not been released, but sources say that he was hit around 6:40 in the morning. Another man was killed near Weslaco while walking with a seven year old girl. The man, identified as Rogelio Caballero-Alonzo, was hit by a Mercury Mountaineer, driven by Jose Abraham Maldonado Tapia, of Mercedes. Alonzo was pronounced dead at the scene, while the girl with him is stable at a local medical center. In this case, Abraham hit the man, then drove his car away, only to return later. The charges against him include failure to stop and render aid, which led to death. It is clear that such accidents can be deadly for the pedestrians, who have nothing to shield them from the car.

Now, especially, drivers need to be on the lookout. Summer is ending and school will be starting soon, which means that there will be many more kids walking around and teens driving. It is especially important for drivers to be alert in school zones. The speed limits in those areas are lower, and there is a reason for it. Kids walking outside before and after school may have the tendency to run into the road while fooling around, or cross without looking both ways if they are still very young. Drivers have a better chance of avoiding accidents if they both obey the lower speed limit and are extra aware of their surroundings. These rules apply when driving anywhere, but have extra significance in school zones. After all, a car going slower will have a lesser impact on pedestrian than a car that is speeding, and it may even prevent death.

Need Legal Help?

If you or someone you know was hit by a vehicle while walking on the sidewalk, the side of the road, or crossing the street, you may have a case. On the other hand, if you were the driver in such a situation, you need to know what to do next. The attorneys at Joe A. Gamez Law Firm have experience with these accidents and are here to help you determine your next steps.  Contact us today to learn about your options.