Semi Truck/18 Wheeler Commercial Vehicle Accident Lawyer

Nobody expects an accident in San Antonio with a commercial vehicle like an 18-wheeler, a taxi, intercity bus, construction vehicle, rental car or other work vehicle. Commercial vehicles are usually driven by professionals who have special commercial driver’s licenses or other special training. Furthermore, because commercial vehicles are driven for work, their drivers usually have an interest in making sure their jobs are safe by making sure their driving is safe. However, accidents with commercial vehicles in San Antonio do happen, and they can cause very serious injuries and sometimes even deaths. Commercial vehicle accidents pose special challenges because there’s at least one extra layer of legal liability to consider. That is, both the driver and the employer or rental company may be considered legally responsible for the accident, depending on a variety of circumstances. This often means that there are also two or more insurance policies covering the accident, requiring victims to sort out liability and insurance coverage issues before they can be properly compensated for their injuries. Help from an experienced San Antonio commercial vehicle accident lawyer can make this process much easier.

Another problem in San Antonio commercial vehicle accidents is the large size of many commercial vehicles. A local delivery truck isn’t as large as a semi truck, but it’s still much larger than the average private passenger car. That means that, like a semi, a commercial vehicle can do substantial damage to a smaller vehicle in a collision. In addition to totaling the vehicle, this can leave the people inside dead or permanently disabled by brain injuries, paralysis, amputations or other serious injuries. In addition to being painful and life-altering, these injuries can be extraordinarily expensive to treat, requiring six or seven figures in some cases just for the emergency room visit.

With these very high bills often arriving while victims cannot work, they may feel overwhelmed by their financial and physical injuries. If you’re in this position because of another person’s carelessness, you may be able to file an accident lawsuit to secure compensation for these bills. In addition to past and future medical care, a legal claim can seek compensation for lost income; wrongful death of a loved one; and physical pain and emotional suffering.

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