Increased Shooting Causing Wrongful Deaths in San Antonio

The country has been on high alert the past few years as more and more people are being killed by the police. These cases are being made very public, and the deaths are inspiring protests and vigils around the country. While those aspects of these deaths seem to be front and center, in each case there is a grieving family who is often behind the scenes. The family has choices to make, and court cases may be filed in cases where it seems that the death was wrongful.

A San Antonio Case

In February 2014, a young man named Marquise Jones was shot and killed by an off-duty San Antonio police officer, Robert Encina. The shooting occurred in the drive thru of a Chacho’s, a fast food restaurant, on the Northeast Side of the city after a minor accident occurred. Encina claimed that Jones was armed, while his family alleged that Jones was shot in the back when he was killed.

This case is back in the news now, as a federal court judge gave both sides more time to interview witnesses last month. The case, seemingly especially important now in light of the multitude of similar deaths, has been held up for the past two years. After Jones’ death, his family filed suit against Encina, the San Antonio Police Department, and the city of San Antonio to seek justice for his wrongful death, claiming that Jones had his civil rights violated during the incident. Now, Encina is not facing any criminal charges, but the case is finally moving forward. The judge himself said that it this is an important case, and “the public has the right to know what happened that night.” This is especially true now, when so many of the recent deaths are not transparent.

This case shines a spotlight on wrongful death at a time where there are many similar cases out there. However, wrongful death can occur in other ways. No matter what way it occurs, you as a family member have a right to be compensated for your loss. This may sound like a stark way to look at it, especially for such an emotional case, but it is true. You suffered a loss at the hands of someone else, and incurred the costs, and you should be repaid. Additionally, the person who caused the death should be held accountable. In some cases, they should be punished with punitive damages. These things cannot be done, however, without a lawyer. It is important to take the first steps and look into your options, even in times of tragedy.

Need Legal Help?

Losing a loved one is incredibly hard. There is nothing that can help ease the pain, but there are certain steps you can take to get back some money in damages and see that the person who caused the death is brought to justice. Our injury lawyers at Gamez Law Firm have experience in these matters and can help you through this difficult time. Contact us today if you feel that a wrongful death occurred.