San Antonio Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer

Some of the worst accidents happen because someone decides they are okay to drive when they are really too drunk to drive. If you have been injured in an accident involving a drunk driver, you need one of the finest San Antonio drunk driving car accident lawyers to take your case.

A lawyer skilled in cases involving drinking and driving will be able to get you full compensation for your injuries. If someone you love has been injured or has been killed as a result of a drunk driver, you need an experienced attorney on your side.

At The Law Office of Joe A. Gamez we have been representing clients who have been injured by drunk drivers since 1973. We understand what is at stake and We Fight For You!

Victims of drunk-driving accidents and their family members may be able to file a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit against the drunk driver and sometimes others in order to receive compensation for their injuries.  They can recover compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, disability or for the emotional and financial loss suffered when an accident results in the death of a family member.  In certain situations, punitive damages may also be recovered. Call us today to further discuss your legal options.

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Our San Antonio drunk driving attorneys can help you with your case. We will seek compensation from the at fault parties, such as bars, nightclubs, restaurants, bartenders, or anybody else that can be held responsible.

If you have been involved in an accident with a drunk driver, schedule your free consultation.  We will determine who to file a claim against and take legal action against the driver. Our San Antonio drunk driving accident lawyers are available 24 hours. Emergency appointments are available. Call us today (210) 736-4040.

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