Drunk Driving Accidents in San Antonio

Here in San Antonio we are a city enriched with cultural celebrations with events like Fiesta, Dia de Los Muertos, Cinco de Mayo, and St. Patrick’s Day. On some of these holidays, schools will close for festivals, and parades that will take place bringing thousands of people from all over San Antonio to celebrate these wonderful events. The downfall of these events where thousands of people will gather is all types of food and alcohol will be served, contributing to people leaving these events intoxicated. Unfortunately, many of these people make the poor decision to drink and drive. Tragedy strikes when the laughter and celebrations end with a drunk driver hurting or worse, killing, someone in a drunk driving accident.

The Law Office of Joe A. Gamez in San Antonio has a proven record handling major Driving While Intoxicated Accidents. The Gamez Injury Lawyers has helped numerous clients who were injured by drunk drivers. The accidents often were horrific accidents where our clients suffered severe injuries requiring surgeries to their knees, shoulders, necks, and backs. The car wrecks that occur due to a drunk driver often leave our clients’ vehicles completely mangled. These accidents happen at all hours of the day and all across San Antonio. In many cases, the injury lawyers in our law firm in San Antonio have been able to recover policy limits from the person who caused the accident.

The Law Office of Joe A. Gamez successfully helped a young couple who on their way home were rear-ended by a repeat drunk driver. A majority of our clients are hit by drivers who have been previously charged with a DWI offense. It helps to have an attorney with criminal law experience on your side, like Joe A. Gamez, because he has extensive knowledge in the laws that govern drunk driving offenses and what can be done to help you recover your damages. It is important that if you are hit by a drunk driver that you contact an experience personal injury lawyer like Joe A. Gamez who has handled these types of car accidents with success. Our law firm and our injury lawyers are experienced in filing law suits involving drunk drivers. In addition, one of our personal injury lawyers, Mr. Ryan Orsatti, is experienced in complex driving accidents when litigation is necessary.  Our personal injury lawyers are aggressive and handle these types of car accidents differently than normal motor vehicle accidents that occur here in San Antonio.

When injured in Bexar County after any motor vehicle accident, it is important that you know what rights you have as a victim of a drunk driving accident. The State of Texas has laws in place allowing injured victims of drunk driving accidents to recover what is called extra considerations and compensation that allow the victim to go after exemplary damages with the obligation to punish the drunk driver with civil and criminal sanctions, in both civil and criminal courts. The law further allows the victim to punish the person responsible for providing the alcohol, as in an irresponsible adult who purchased alcohol for or sold to a minor, or a bar where someone was over served.

Our phones are answered 24 hours a day, every day. Our personal injury lawyers are on special alert on the weekends after these city-wide events to help victims injured in drunk driving accidents. When tragedy occurs, our lawyers are available in the middle of the night to visit a family of someone injured by a drunk driver. Our injury lawyers truly care about our clients and will gladly meet with you any time if you are ever injured by a drunk driver. Our attorneys will assist you in whatever way possible to make sure that you, as the victim of a drunk driving accident, receives the compensation and justice you deserve.

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Our San Antonio drunk driving attorneys can help you with your case. We will seek compensation from the at fault parties, such as bars, nightclubs, restaurants, bartenders, or anybody else that can be held responsible.

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