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Large trucks and commercial vehicles are responsible for hundreds of deaths and thousands of injuries every year in the United States. For victims and their families, even non-fatal truck accidents can result in long lasting consequences requiring extensive medical treatment and an extensive leave of absence from work.

Trucking companies should be responsible and pay for damage caused by their drivers, but in many cases they are instead looking for ways to limit their liability, thus lowering the amount of compensation victims receive. In other cases, trucking companies will try to settle with victims for much less than they deserve. Unfortunately, people who do not fully understand their injuries and how much money they will need to pay for medical care may accept these settlement offers and risk the right to pursue additional compensation in the future.

The Law Office of Joe A. Gamez has represented hundreds of truck wreck injury victims over the past four decades with a commitment to success. Because of the sheer force of a truck crash, our clients often require extended medical care and prolonged time off work to recovery fully. When a truck driver or the company responsible for the truck’s maintenance is negligent in their duties, our clients are entitled to compensation as a result.  Our experience and commitment to providing personal attention to each of our clients allows us to face the opposing legal team, insurance company lawyers and corporate attorneys with the evidence and case details that builds a strong case. Our goal is to get our clients the compensation they deserve and the peace of mind to focus on their recovery.

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