Bicycle riding is common to see in San Antonio’s Riverwalk downtown. Bicycle riding is a great form of exercise and a great way to sight-see. You might be one to use a bicycle as a mode of transportation to get from your home to work and vice versa. You may also be one to take your bicycle on a bus to help complete your journey. As a cyclist you have to obey all traffic laws, including parking. Parking your bike should be easy with San Antonio’s hundreds of bicycle racks for public parking. Unfortunately, with increased number of cyclists comes increased number of bicycle accidents.


The following are a series of steps you should take if you are involved in a bike accident in San Antonio, Texas. For more information on bike accidents or how to file a claim, call and schedule a free consultation with a San Antonio bicycle accident attorney today.

  • Step One: Seek Medical Attention

Shock and adrenaline may mask your symptoms of pain following a bike accident.  Back pain and bruises often take a couple of days to manifest themselves. It is always a good idea to seek medical treatment to make sure injuries are addressed and pain can be monitored. If you have a child with you in the back seat of your bicycle at the time of the bicycle accident, make sure your child is evaluated for injuries as well. Make sure you follow medical advice in the care and treatment of your injuries. Keep all medical records including physicians seen or visits to urgent care or the emergency room at the nearby hospital.

  • Step Two: Call the Police

Make sure you are out of the zone of danger. If you are on a roadway keep in mind other cars and traffic generally continue to drive.  The police perform an investigation at the accident scene and interview potential witnesses.

  • Step Three: Get Driver Information

Exchange information with the other driver, such as: names, addresses, telephone numbers, other passengers. Also exchange the vehicle and bicycle year, make, and model, and insurance information. If the other driver of the vehicle leaves the scene of the accident, make sure you jot down the license number. Don’t hesitate to pull out your smartphone and take pictures of the escaping car and surrounding cars that may have seen your accident. Remember you can only sue someone you can identify.

  • Step Four: Take Pictures

Use your smartphone to take pictures of the accident scene. Pictures may feature, witnesses, license plate numbers, property damages, road conditions. Take pictures of your bike. You can go ahead and repair your bike but keep estimates and pictures of damage and repair.

  • Step Five: Hire an Attorney

Schedule an initial consultation with a bicycle accident attorney in San Antonio, Texas to examine your case and any claims for personal injury and property damages.


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