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Although more lives are lost in other types of accidents, aviation accidents are known for causing fatalities on a larger scale. Aviation accidents are extremely rare, and safety is paramount with airports and airlines. While major airline disasters capture all the headlines, small planes that crash happen more often.

Regardless of the type of craft involved in aviation accidents, the families of the victims, as well as those who survive, deserve answers. The experienced airplane accidents attorney’s at The Law Office of Joe A. Gamez will pursue justice so that you and your family can gain closure and decide what to do next.

Airplane accidents can be extremely complex. Many times, small plane crashes result in more complications than are present in larger, commercial plane crashes. This is because the causes involved can be very different. In most cases, the causes of general aviation crashes can be much less apparent than those of large commercial companies. While the same causes, structural defects, pilots’ errors, maintenance deficiencies, design defects, air traffic safety controller decisions, and a host of other factors are often responsible, additional difficulties in the smaller plane crash investigations are compounded with the existing hurdles involved in any plane crash case.

Whether you or a family member was injured in a major airline accident or a private plane crash, the San Antonio airplane accident lawyers at The Law Office of Joe A. Gamez are prepared to build your case.  Anyone who has suffered as a result of this type of an accident needs to obtain the help of experienced plane crash lawyers as soon as possible.

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